Opportunity Identification

sAs IQ engage in supporting enterprises in diagnosing bottlenecks in the process leading to the elimination of undesirable behavior and implementing proven strategies and practices enable fast time to work out effective savings and benefits of providing a competitive advantage in the market. 

Opportunity identification areas that stimulated correctly give the most effective and rapid results. 

 • Building a simple purchasing processes with simple structures, hierarchy and clear responsibilities; 
 • Selection of purchasing strategies focused on real business needs (direct and indirect purchasing including the hierarchy of needs and priorities); 
 • Educating and motivating purchasing department employees to ensure the permanent competencies developing; 
 • The centralization of processes and purchasing centers – shared center services; 
 • Outsourcing - the possibility of external services; 
 • Active sourcing – permanent market analysis of new alternative providers of rotation relative to the previous suppliers; 
 • Conducting audits of suppliers in important business areas; 
 • Working with suppliers based on the objectives and tasks allowing you to actively participate in party business; 
 • Building and developing smart relationships with suppliers; 
 • Regularly reviewing the classification of the product – using ABC classification and Krajic analysis strategy; 
 • Management of slow-moving inventory products; 
 • Regular reviewing of trade agreements and conducting renegotiation; 
 • Use many areas of negotiation; 
 • Reviewing "profitability" for the suppliers, specifying the detailed costs of cooperation and the resulting margin; 
 • Adjust the appropriate KPI (rotation, the availability of goods / services, the number of complaints, the number of transactions, the average time cycle even Documents scale to generate savings
     or number of product lines, the number of strategic suppliers and alternative, timely delivery of orders, the implementation of complete supply channel delivery, value earned benefits); 
 • Procurement operations integrating in the supply chain process - finding common areas for better inter department cooperation;