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Monika Wypych Popiołek, 
I am an expert and lecturer at Universities, practitioner and entrepreneur, but above all an enthusiast and advocate of issues related to the area of sourcing and procurement processes. 
My over twenty years of professional experience is evenly distributed duties between functions in the sales teams, and work within the structures of sourcing and creating product offer ( Category Management ). The continuous search for new sources of alternative suppliers enabled on the one hand to know the nature of the negotiations on the international arena among different business cultures, on the other hand increase the company's competitiveness on external markets. With operations in international environments where the management and organizational culture are a confirmation of the highest standards, I ran interesting projects in the field of process management purchasing, implementing purchasing strategies, formed purchasing departments, created the new product groups, was building an alternative and supplier base, introduced and managed own brands, I integrate suppliers in order to build a complementary portfolio, introduced Lean Management to the purchasing department, thus earning additional savings. I managed procurement and motivated teams purchase investing in employees' competence. 
I was doing procurement being based in Poland, Helsinki and Shanghai. 

I graduated from the Technical University of Lodz in two directions: Sanitary Engineering Department of Building and Architecture and Engineering at the Faculty of mechanical doctoral studies. Learning about business I continued studying marketing management company organized by the University of Lodz. English honed in British & American Language School and BEET Language Center In Bournemouth, UK. Using extensive experience in the field of purchasing teach students how to professionally run purchase in business and how important is their role to the success of the company. I support companies in building a competitive advantage and motivate teams to aware of their role and responsibility remained strong in terms of negotiating structures of the companies. 

Privately I am open and cheerful person. I love opera and painting Polish nineteenth century. With my husband and son love skiing and diving as a family hobby. 

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Grabińska 9J, 92-780 Łódź Poland
cell: +48 601 252 842 
e-mail: monika.wypych@onet.eu